Why We're Different

Covenant Christian School is an “others-focused” school, teaching people how to succeed and achieve in every area of life

This isn’t your average private school and the students aren’t your average students. Get to know the philosophy, history and heritage of Covenant Community School and what makes us stand out in the Lake City community.

What we Strive to Create:


Parents at CCS are dedicated to taking the responsibility for the spiritual, moral and academic training of their children.


We believe that an orientation towards loving and serving others is not only a command of scripture, (Mark 12:28-31), but also an overflow of salvation (Luke 7:47).


We intend that our teachers serve as mentors with exemplary Godly character, demonstrating excellence in their subject area or grade level taught.

Our Vision

It is the vision of CCS to partner with a community of local families in the Lake City area by helping to define the God-given call on a child’s life, to provide an education that touches a child in the classroom with high academic excellence and strong Christian values. We will teach Godly life application principles using the Word of God as the basis of all truth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to complete the vision of CCS by partnering, defining, providing and teaching using God’s Word as the basis of all truth. As we complete this mission we will develop moral maturity and academic excellence in our future leaders, so they may fulfill a lifetime of personal achievement.

Our History

Covenant Community School was founded in 2005 by Frank and Cindy Soucinek, they set out to develop a place where children could learn and grow not only in the classroom but in their every day walk with God as well. Since 2005 CCS has seen children’s lives changed, successful graduates winning in life, achieving their dream careers, and countless children grow closer and even begin a personal relationship with Jesus.

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